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Articles whose link chain exceeds (exceeded) the preset maximum

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This table lists articles that did not terminate prior to reaching the preset maximum link count (whose value at the time was as indicated in the table) at some time, possible currently, although it is also possible that it was an historical failure to terminate only and that the article now terminates or loops, in which case it might appear in one or both of the other two statistics tables.

ArticleFinal article in chainNumber of runsMaximum link count reachedLast run (UTC)
AverageMaximumMost recent
List of state leaders in 1745 [wiki]List of state leaders in 745 [wiki]11000100010002012-04-22 01:02:25
List of state leaders in 2009 [wiki]List of state leaders in 1009 [wiki]11000100010002012-05-24 03:16:54
List of state leaders in 2011 [wiki]List of state leaders in 1011 [wiki]21000100010002012-06-30 18:31:34
List of state leaders in 2012 [wiki]List of state leaders in 1012 [wiki]141000100010002012-05-25 02:11:04
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