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(Valid date-times range from 2014-01-12 19:00 to 2018-01-21 12:00. Date-times are specified and displayed in the Australia/Hobart time zone)

A brief explanation

The above graphs chart social media trends related to federal Australian political parties registered or once-registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). In particular, they chart over time both the number of "likes" and the count of the "people talking about this" metric associated with the pages of federal Australian political parties on the social media site, Facebook. I hope this visualisation of the social media statistics associated with Australian political parties is helpful to you. Feel free to download the statistics from the "Export the data" section below and use them as you see fit.


The odd dips around 14-16 March 2015

The odd dips around 14-16 March 2015 in "likes" for various parties are probably due to Facebook removing memorialised and voluntarily deactivated accounts from pages' like counts, which they said in this blog post of 6 March 2015 that they were going to do "over the coming weeks".

Visit the parties' Facebook pages

Struck through pages are those which have been deleted from Facebook but whose statistics are retained in the above graphs up until the date they became inaccessible. Parties are listed in the same order as in the legend of the first chart (that of Facebook "likes").

Australian Labor Party (ALP)     The Wikileaks Party [5]     Liberal Party of Australia     Australian Greens     Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party     Liberal Democratic Party     Australian Conservatives     Derryn Hinch's Justice Party     Australian Sex Party [5]     Pauline Hanson's One Nation     Family First Party [3][5]     Palmer United Party [5]     Animal Justice Party     Australian Christians     Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party [5]     Australian Liberty Alliance     Australian Workers Party     #Sustainable Australia     Katter's Australian Party [3][4]     Love Australia or Leave     Health Australia Party     Drug Policy Australia [6]     VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy!     Rise Up Australia Party     The Arts Party     Pirate Party Australia     Drug Law Reform Australia [5]     Smokers Rights Party [5]     National Party of Australia     Democratic Party of Australia [6]     Australian Sovereignty Party [5]     Liberal Party of Australia (S.A. Division) [2]     Bullet Train For Australia [5]     Socialist Alliance     Secular Party of Australia     Australian Cyclists Party [5]     Pauline Hanson's One Nation [1]     Science Party     Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens) [5]     21st Century Australia     Australian Antipaedophile Party [5]     The Australian Mental Health Party     Australian Equality Party (Marriage)     Socialist Equality Party     Australian Progressives     Australian Defence Veterans Party [5]     Nick Xenophon Team     Australian Country Party     Mature Australia Party [5]     Australian Affordable Housing Party     CountryMinded     Australian Protectionist Party [5]     Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)     Family First Party (QLD) [2][6]     Voluntary Euthanasia Party     Katter's Australian Party [3]     Country Liberals (Northern Territory)     Renewable Energy Party     Australian Independents [5]     Country Alliance [5]     Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) [3]     Stop CSG Party [5]     Citizens Electoral Council of Australia     Australian Democrats [5]     Consumer Rights & No-Tolls     Family First Party (NSW) [2][6]     Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Flouride) Party     Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party     Katter's Australian Party [3]     The 23 Million [5]     Australian People's Party     Democratic Labour Party     Natural Medicine Party [5]     Australian Sports Party [5]     Australia's First Nations Political Party [5]     National Party of Australia [1]     Republican Party of Australia     Nick Xenophon Team [1]     Single Parents' Party [5]     Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated [1]     Australian Voice Party [5]     Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party [3][4][5]     Liberal National Party of Queensland [1][2]     Family First Party [3][5]     Jacqui Lambie Network     Family First Party (WA) [2][6]     Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) [1]     Jacqui Lambie Network [1]     Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party     Building Australia Party [5]     Carers Alliance [1][5]     No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics [1][3][5]     No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics [1][3][5]     Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)     Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) [1]     Australian Country Party [1]     Bullet Train For Australia [1][6]     Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!) [3]     Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues) [1][5]     Republican Party of Australia     Seniors United Party of Australia [1]     Freedom and Prosperity Party [1][3][5]     Seniors United Party of Australia (Victorian Division) [2][6]     Seniors United Party of Australia     Uniting Australia Party [5]     Uniting Australia Party [1][3][5]     Mutual Party [1][5]     John Madigan's Manufacturing and Farming Party [1][5]     No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics [1][3][5]     Glenn Lazarus Team [1][5]

About the statistics

Data is scraped daily, generally (Australia/Hobart time) between 10 am and midday, depending on whether daylight savings is in effect for either/both of Australia/Hobart and the time zone of my web server (located in the U.S.). If errors are encountered and a manual scrape is required, the time may be later than this. The exact time is indicated on each data point when the mouse is hovered over it.

I attempt to list only the Facebook pages of parties that are currently, or that have at some time since charting began been, registered with the AEC. The original list was generated between the 11th and 13th of January 2014 based on the AEC's page, Current Register of Political Parties, and was updated (against that same list) on the following dates:

After those dates, parties have been (are being) added/deleted based on announcements on the AEC's Twitter feed. From the 13th November 2017, the AEC's Party registration decisions and changes page is also being checked, given that the AEC's Twitter feed was found to be less than 100% reliable: it failed to announce the registration of the Australian Affordable Housing Party (presumably because of the confusion due to the registration being initially rejected and then reinstated upon appeal).

The Facebook pages of the following parties disappeared (were deleted?) sometime after I first started graphing them. Their data is still visible in the graphs up to the day they were deleted. Each entry starts with the approximate date of the page's disappearance in parentheses.

If you know of a Facebook page for any of these parties, or for any other federal Australian party currently registered with the AEC but as-yet uncharted above, then please let me know. Likewise, if you know that any of the parties charted are no longer registered with the AEC, then please also let me know which ones.

Note also that - in some cases in addition to a Facebook page proper currently being graphed - the following parties (also) have Facebook groups, however they are not graphed, for the following reasons: firstly (and somewhat tautologically...), because my Facebook likes scraper does not currently handle groups; secondly, because I'm not sure it would in any case be appropriate to compare number of page likes with number of group memberships; and, sometimes, thirdly, because a particular group is closed and thus inaccessible anyway.

Export the data

The links below may be used to export the data used to generate these graphs in each of the respectively indicated formats. Note that, to the extent it is legally permissible for me to so licence data scraped off Facebook, the following data is released by me into the public domain, i.e. you are free to use and redistribute it in any way that you see fit.


The code on which this page and its helpers are based was originally written by Jonas Laeborg for the Danish Pirate Party to graph Danish political parties [dead link: the page has now moved here]. I have modified that code fairly extensively though, so any errors are as likely to be mine as Jonas's. Thank you, Jonas, for making your code freely available. The charting software is made available free for non-commercial use by Highcharts. Thank you, Highcharts, for providing such great software free of charge.