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What is FUPS?

FUPS is a web app that "scrapes" (downloads) the posts of a specified user from a specified forum/board running either the XenForo or phpBB forum software. FUPS will download from your specified forum all of the posts made to that forum under a particular username - it does this by accessing the forum in the same way your web browser does when you browse the forum manually, only it does so automatically. It then sorts posts alphabetically by thread, and within each thread in ascending date+time order, and produces a table of contents for all threads the user was involved in, followed by the sorted posts themselves, with headings, and separated by horizontal lines. It returns this output as an HTML page, which you can then save to disk via your browser, e.g. in Firefox click the "File" menu option and under that click "Save Page As". You can then, if you like, open up this saved HTML file in your word processor and save it in any other format you desire, e.g. ODF, Microsoft Word.

If you're asking, "How can I download all of my posts from a remote XenForo or phpBB forum to my local hard drive?", then this might be the script for you.

[1] How do I know whether my forum software is XenForo or phpBB, or neither?