The Treeview skin for MediaWiki

The Treeview skin was developed for the comp.lang.c newsgroup's MediaWiki-based wiki,, and has been publicly released in case anyone else finds it useful. You can see it in action on the clc wiki. The skin's main feature is to add hierarchical browsing of a MediaWiki-powered wiki's content through a treeview box in the left pane. It uses colons in the articles' titles to separate hierarchical components of each article's path, much like slashes are used to separate components of a filesystem path. It is most suited to small- to moderate-sized sites with a low edit frequency and with a MediaWiki cache manager enabled. It has a feedback page at the Planning:Treeview skin:Feedback article on; you can also contact me about it privately.

Maintenance-only mode

For some time now, I have not worked on this project other than to maintain it by fixing bugs, either those of my own making, or those of incompatibility with newer versions of MediaWiki's core code. I expect this maintenance-only mode to be the case going forwards too, unless someone else gets excited about it and starts contributing.

Undocumented limitation: not mobile-friendly

Be warned: this skin was developed and lapsed into maintenance-only mode prior to (a need for) recognition of the importance of mobile devices on the internet, and so it does not render well on mobile devices. In buzzword speak, it is not a "responsive design".


The "Help:Treeview skin*" documents below are as distributed with the skin in the mediawiki/skins/treeview/help_articles directory. Here they have been converted from wikitext to HTML. Also listed are the main README and a how-to.


1.6.8, released 23 December 2017

1.6.7 beta, released 29 November 2014

1.6.6 beta, released 3 February 2014

1.6.5 beta, released 14 August 2012

1.6.4 beta, released 3 July 2012

1.6.3 beta, released 7 September 2011

1.6.2 beta, released 7 June 2011

1.6.1 beta, released 30 October 2010

1.6 beta, released 1 October 2010

1.5 beta, released 25 March 2010

1.4 beta, released 22 September 2008

1.3 beta, released 6 May 2007

1.2 beta, released 28 March 2007

1.1 beta, released 22 March 2007

1.0 beta, released 1 February 2007