Armed with a beat

Privates Djembe, Kazoo and young Didgeridoo
drafted into Percussive Platoon.
Corporal Congo colluded with Cadence E. as
he demanded a disciplined tune.

"Take up and attack!"
snapped a snare at the back,
and a cymbal assisted a spoon.

Clip-clop to the clock
'top a cowbell's tick-tock
Sergeant Woodblock trod lightly and trim.

Down below, Major Dun Dun,
dumbfounded, done-did
what the General demanded of him.

And, I give you my word,
that, unbidden, I heard,
soaring up through the driving drums' drill,
silver song, icy spire,
a melodious choir,
crystal harp and a violin thrill.

Rounds of cello-swell rose,
but from where, no one knows,
only this we agreed at the end:
when we marshal a beat
sync in time strict and sweet,
then the angels, as summoned, descend.